What’s new

We are all aware that things have changed a lot recently so there has been a few changes at the practice too… 

First the table and pillow will be covered with a plastic sheet. While this makes it easier to clean between patients, it is not very comfortable. So if you would like to lie on a towel and have another one to cover yourself with like i would usually have it set up, please bring your own. Same goes for the lovely cosiness of a blanket for cranial.

For treating children, i would usually have toys available to keep them busy. That is also a no no at the moment so if you could bring something for your little ones to lie on and a few toys and/or books to keep them entertained, that would be great.

Because of the limited supply of PPE for our front line workers who desperately needed them, the fact that we have passed the height of the crisis and the environmental impact,  i have chosen to use reusable items. I will be wearing a white coat as usual with the addition of a mask that will be changed between patients. The room and any surface that would have been touched will also be cleaned between every patient.

Now for logistics. To avoid any overlap, i would ask you to wait in your car until your appointment time if you arrive early (especially at the Evergreen Clinic as the waiting room is not in use). 

There will be easy access to hand washing/sanitising facilities so i would also ask to make sure your hands are cleaned upon entering and leaving the practice, and to wear a clean mask (single use or reusable is up to you). 

Also, if you have long hair, please tie it up.

Finally, could you please make sure you have the right change for payment and if you need a receipt given at the end of the session, let me know when booking so i can have it ready for you before then.

A relationship between patient and practitioner is one of trust and those of you who know me know that i genuinely care about my patients. While i will do my best to keep everything clean, please understand that risk 0 doesn’t exist.

At this time i would like to advise patients in a high risk category to postpone their appointment but i trust that all patients who decide to attend the practice have made an informed decision, understand, acknowledge and accept the risks involved in their own decision.

If for any reason you are in disagreement with any of the points above, i would ask that you refrain from attending your appointment and cancel in advance.

As always, i am available if you have any questions.

Thank you.